Small Business Media Solutions - Photos by Roger G

Small Business Media Solutions

As a small business owner you have to wear many hats including marketing your services. But what if you don't have time to provide the visuals you need for  updating your website, online videos or employee profile images?  Photos by Roger G. can help you with your image, video and marketing needs. If you have a multi-faceted need for your business then let's put our heads together and create media package that will get you results!

Below are a few samples from my clients.

The Jeneen Hammond Company

  • 20180609 The Journey Written and Performed Marquee
  • 20180609 The Bag Lady Written and Performed by
  • 20180629 JHammond Get in the Habit_Showl_33

Holeshot PWC in North Georgia

Holeshot PWC Repair

Blue Mountain Coffee

  • 20180108 Blue Mountain Coffee Day 1_51
  • 20180118 Blue Mountain Coffee_16
  • 20180128 Blue Mountain Coffee_09
  • 20180118 Blue Mountain Coffee_01

Simply U Hair Salon

  • 20180305 Simply Nu Hair Salon_03
  • 20180305 Simply Nu Hair Salon_04
  • 20180503 Simply U-Store Shots_02
  • 20180503 Simply U-Store Shots_04
  • 20180503 Simply U-Store Shots_09
  • 20180503 Simply U-Store Shots_12

Professional Headshots

Executive and Casual