Fun with the Flavius Family - Photos by Roger G

Fun with the Flavius Family

20171216 Flavius Family_108

Although the temperature was chilly you wouldn't have known it from the warmth and happiness with the Flavius Family. You know a photoshoot is going to go great when you're laughing and talking like family members as you're walking to the location.

The shoot went great and I captured them in more of a natural "this is who we are" way versus telling them what and how to do it. I made suggestions and then followed the sound of the laughter snapping the whole time.

An added bonus, their son was turning two the following day so I combined a small birthday-centric shoot with the family session. I was also reminded of how fast toddlers can truly be.

One thing the family stressed was not being boring with their pictures. I didn't want that for them either and our shoot was anything but boring. It was lively and fun throughout. I always strive to have a relaxed shoot because the camera is only one part of it. The rest of it is the relationship between you and who you're shooting. It was great building a relationship with this adorable family and capturing it with my camera.

Big thanks to the Flavius Family!

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