Planning for Klane's Proposal - Photos by Roger G

Planning for Klane's Proposal

20180429 Klane & Kayla Proposal_82

“I just love it when a plan comes together.” – Hannibal Smith (The A-Team)

Something I really enjoy as a photographer is being a part of special moments. This past weekend was indeed a special moment and as the quote above implies there was definitely some planning ahead of time for Klane’s proposal to Kayla.

The really cool thing about this is a little over a year ago I was photographing them for a couple’s session at Piedmont Park just laughing, loving and being happy. So when the time came for him to propose he gave me a call. We put our heads together for ideas, locations and scheduling. Once he declared his spot to be the 17th Street Bridge with the Atlanta Skyline as the backdrop it was my job to help make it happen.

So about a month out from the proposal I took a trip to Atlantic Station. I scouted out the best shooting location and positions to stay hidden and not spoil the surprise of him taking a bended knee. I then suggested the equipment needed to take the best possible shots. In true A-Team Fashion Klane and I linked our phones to send clandestine texts and also so I can see his location on the map and be ready to get in position. We even tracked the weather forecast to make sure it was a clear day. Like I said…planning!

The day came and the time approached. All parties were at Atlantic Station and I was in P.I. Mode…that is until the police inquired as to what I was doing. Remember the planning? This is why we have backup plans and locations. They pleasantly let me go on my way and I got into the final of several pre-planned positions, this one hidden and overlooking the bridge. As Klane and Kayla approached my shutter finger was ready and the pictures were flying. The moment came, he dropped to one knee, he asked…and she said YES!!! I think I was smiling just as much as they were. Then like just like in a TV Show he revealed that I was there taking pictures. As I emerged from my location she just couldn’t contain herself with laughter amongst the tears of joy. She truly had no idea any of this was going to happen. The plan came together and went off splendidly.

So honored to be part of this special moment! Klane, Kayla…congratulations and here’s too many more special moments in life for the both of you. Now let’s talk about who’s going to photograph your wedding. I know a guy.