Fall Session with Baby James - Photos by Roger G

Fall Session with Baby James

20171110 Baby James at Wills Park Color_134

The beautiful thing about photography is not only are you helping capture exuberant smiles but you’re also being uplifted as well and it is so wonderfully infectious. Today’s post is from a great baby photo session I had with the photogenic James as the star of the show. His Aunt wanted a photo shoot for baby James to surprise his parents at Christmas with a few canvas prints. So this shoot was clandestine, secretive and for a good cause...I was all in!

Two things she wanted to include in the photo shoot was an outfit that “couldn’t prepare you for the cuteness overload” and a toddler’s rocking chair. But this rocking chair was special because it was passed down from James’ great-grandmother.

Being this was a fall session, I chose a location at a local park that would highlight the foliage and also contained a bridge where I had an idea for the rocking chair. James was a natural and the photo session was a blast! His little eyes were exploring and discovering. The session really got interesting when a K-9 officer pulled up to a field on the right so his partner could stretch his legs. Once James saw the dog his concentration on us waned just a bit.

We then switched locations to the bridge. With one wardrobe change his aunt was right. I was not ready for the cuteness! James had on a very smart newspaper boy style outfit complete with shoes and hat. It fit perfectly with the rocking chair and the bridge as the backdrop. I couldn’t stop smiling on this day and I wasn’t even in the pictures.

His aunt was thrilled with the resulting shots. The canvases came out great. Now let’s see if baby James can keep it a secret from his parents.